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Know the Manufacturer Ep.28 | Pretz

Pretz was originally created based on the inspiration of the famous German stick pretzel. It’s a long selling biscuit snack that was first appeared in the market since 1963. There are various types of this crispy snack, from spicy, sweet, salty and sour with very authentic Thailand flavors only at Thai Snack Online to be served right to your doorstep now with free worldwide shipping. Hassle free!

Big Sheet Seaweed

Pretz is one of the family brands under Glico corporation. Started in 1919, Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki, Glico's founder, discovered that oyster broth contains generous amounts of glycogen. Hence, he took the necessary steps to commercially offer food products incorporating glycogen and therefore, spread its healthful benefits to the world. In due time, the nutritious confection “Glico Caramel” was introduced into the marketplace and Glico came up with the objective of "Enhance health through food!".

Glico was later established on 11 February 1922 on the day that “Glico Caramel”, in its charming red box, was offered to the market for the first time. Demand had grown dramatically throughout that period and the factories were expanded on many parts of the world. Unfortunately, most facilities were completely destroyed by the end of the World War II in 1945. Despite all that tragedy, Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki stated with his employees, “Though war destroyed all else, the remaining asset is Glico itself” then started to revive production of “Bisco” then “Glico Caramel” then continue to expand many long-selling snacks such as Almond Chocolate, Pretz, Giant Cone, and Pocky afterwards.

About Pretz, its first soda flavor was introduced in the market in 1962 base on a traditional German snack. After commencing a number of sales after launched, a butter-flavored Pretz was introduced in the following year and immediately gained popularity among children until these days.

Thai Glico headquarter is located in the heart of commercials district in Bangkok province with its two main factories in Pathum Thani province just only 40 kilometers away where all Pretz in Thailand are manufactured and distributed nationwide.

And these are Pretz limited only in Thailand featuring tom-yum-kung, chicken barbecue, corn, original and its locally famous larb flavor. Have you heard about the two very secret recipes of Pretz? One is all Pretz are "baked not fried" to enhance its crisps while maintaining its value as healthy snack. Two is Pretz always use its seasoning from the original material and not artificial. For example, corn-flavored Pretz is definitely seasoned from the real corn!

No time to waste. Try them now at with exclusively free worldwide shipping and taste this authentic oriental touch right at your home no matter where you are. Taste Thailand anywhere anytime with us today and feel the good vibe with smile and friendship only at Thai Snack Online :)

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