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Know the Manufacturer Ep.22 | Carada

A rounded snack made from real rice and corn from the field to the factory with high quality process. Non-fried but baked until you get the crisp of it inside out with the secret natural seasoning that has made this unique Thai Snack Online as one of all-time favorite snacks in Thailand.

'Carada' snack brand is owned and created by Greenland marketing co., ltd. since 1978. With its initial capital only $1 million US, Carada has been introduced and developed during the past 40 years as No.1 snack made by sea products and corn-rice. Also, Carada is now expanding its market both domestic and exports with its ultimate goal to meet target consumer needs with sustainable branding.

Wealthy Food Manufacturing Ltd. is the manufacturer of Carada rice crackers located in Nonthaburi province of Thailand. With manpower over 112 employees and dedicated food manufacturing system located next to Bangkok, Carada rice crackers can be conveniently supply right to the center of logistics hub in the city and distributed around the world.

Try this spicy rice bomb today at with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep and guarantee successful delivery. An all mixed flavour cracker in a single bite that you won't regret and your snacks will never be the same ;P

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