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Japanese trying Thai snacks | TabiEats

Welcome back to international taste test with TabiEats. Today, we're going to be trying out a variety of snacks and treats from the beautiful country of Thailand. If you're looking to try out these snacks, feel free to check out some at as you can now enjoy free worldwide shipping to deliver these snacks right to your doorstep no matter where you are. So enjoy the treats :)

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So it's time to get right into it:

  • Manora Chips (pumpkin) : The shape is like a barbecue grill though the smell doesn't like barbecue flavour but actually smells like corn. Taste a little bit sour and a little bit sweet. It's made of 23% pumpkin, 19% tapioca starch and sour cream seasoning which is where the tastes come from.

  • Tasto Chips (crab curry) : The texture is very rich cut. The taste is like a crab and curry which the original is quite an intense flavour that you need to eat with rice while there's also a sweet deep taste of chilli and very seafood.

  • Koh Kae Peanuts (wasabi japanese soy sauce) : The taste is very strong and very spicy. It's very interesting because you can taste wasabi and soy sauce together like eating sushi without the raw fish and the rice. It's the umami of the soy sauce.

  • Lay's Chips (green curry) : Definitely there's a taste of lemongrass with a basil that you can see right on its texture. It's a copy of Traditional Thai green curry dish.

  • Rosa Tuna (green curry) : Usually green curry is cooked with chicken but tuna also works as well as it has some kind of texture like a chicken. Not so super spicy as the original in Thailand.

  • Tawan Chips (larb zapp) : "Larb" is considered like a Thai salad which is not like a western style and not something that you need to eat a the beginning of a meal. It's usually a little spicy. But this one is actually DELICIOUS with a pleasant sweetness. It's really hard to pinpoint the exact taste but overall texture is definitely beautiful.

  • Pu-Thai Chips (black pepper) : The taste is super light and a little seafood. Made from wheat flour, fish and soybean. The taste is very unique as a slightly seafood salty crackers.

  • Pigeon (pickled mustard green) : It's more like soy sauce. More umami and not so vinegary.

  • Koh Kae Peanuts (shrimp) : Very yummy with the taste of shrimp and peanuts.

  • Pocky (choco banana) : The taste is super banana but definitely it's an artificial taste of banana. I like it.

  • Cream-O Cookies (caramel & chocolate) : It taste like a shortbread cookie. Not so buttery with a nice chocolate. Not a crispy crisp type but thick with taste.

  • Pejoy (matcha latte) : It's really a good matcha flavour. A lot of filling inside just like an original Japanese matcha.

  • Jiraporn Solar Dried Banana (dipped chocolate) : The banana itself is like an intense sweet potato that you can just eat the banana without the chocolate. Banana flavour itself is way stronger than chocolate. Net, the banana flavour itself is already really really good.

  • Tasto Chips (waffle spicy salted egg) : Salted egg is a very popular flavour in Singapore. Tatse like charcoal flavour with spicy. Definitely has a chilli. By far the spiciest thing today and probably three times spicy than green curry.

  • Kit Kat (matcha) : The matcha flavour is really good. In fact, this one is stronger than Kit Kat matcha in Japan.

  • Kit Kat (milk tea) : Milk tea is very popular in Southeast Asia including Thailand. You can taste the tea leaves and the condensed milk. Quite sweet enough though it's less sweeter than actual milk tea in Thailand.

Quote of the day "It's really hard to pinpoint the exact taste but overall texture is definitely beautiful" said Shinichi

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