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Japanese & German girl try THAI SNACKS | Ask Japanese

Hi Guys! It's Cathy Cat from Ask Japanese and a special guest "Purin". Today, we're going to do a 10-minute challenge with 10 Thailand snacks. Challenge yourself today with Thai Snack Online as we now shipping all these yummy treats right to your step around the world. So try them now and your snacks will never be the same :P

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The time has already started. Let's go!

  • Lay's (hot chilli squid) : The taste is very good. A little spicy but could be popular in Japan. However, foreigners may not like the fish smell as it's really fishy. A lot of potato taste.

  • Lay's (seaweed and shocking chilli) : The spicy ones taste like wasabi. Overall taste is strange but good and quite easy to chew.

  • Kara Mucho (hot chilli) : The smell is not so strong. But the taste ... It's so SPICY! hot! hot! hot! gimme some water! It's hotter than normal Kara Mucho in Japan. I will die without drinks.

  • Bun Bun Stick (hot & spicy) : It looks like a strange sticks inside the pack. But it's definitely spicy that hurts the throat.

  • Fashion Food (tomato) : This is good. It's not spicy and I feel like my favorite taste when I was 3 years old. It's quite fluffy and tasty like an Italian pasta style.

  • Bento (thai herb and spice) : It smells so fishy. Probably made from octopus. Looks like something you eat with alcohol drinks. The texture is quite sticky. But the taste is .. VERY HOT again! Like pepper spicy. sooo hot that can make you sweat :O

  • Pretz (larb) : Larb is one of the famous Thai dish. Taste like spicy soup with a lot of herbs. But it's spicy again. Very hot and herbs just like the image on the box.

  • Pretz (tom yum) : Tom yum is also another famous Thai food. The taste is good with strong lemon and great sour scent. Strong coriander and lemon together. Doesn't taste so spicy.

  • Pocky (choco banana) : I feel so happy from the first bite :)

  • Pocky (mango) : Mango is a very famous fruit in Thailand. It's all yellow so you can't tell where the coated chocolate ends. The smell is really mango, so fruity. The milky taste is also really good. The earlier spiciness are now disappeared with the power of mango.

Quote of the day "Oishiii .." said Purin

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