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Favorite Ng Brightwin?! Thai Snacks Mukbang | Riu Rodriguez

Hey guys! Today we're gonna do a Thai snacks mukbang. We have a lot of Thai snacks here. So we're gonna taste them, rate them and relate them to other local snacks we know. You can also enjoy these snacks by your own. Simply visit and you'll find hundreds of Thai snacks you can choose as they now providing free worldwide shipping to your doorstep. Hassle free!

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Are you ready? Here we go:

  • Big Sheet & Tao Kae Noi (original seaweed): It's like salty grass (hahaha!). Both snacks are pretty much the same but in different package. (rated 8/10)

  • Potae (potato snack): The taste is like normal kind of potato chips but it keeps calling you for another bite. A bit salty like normal snacks. (rated 7/10)

  • Paprika (potato snack): There's a tingling sensation you can feel when eating it. (rated 5/10)

  • Snack Jack (green pea snack): This is also similar to another one in Philippines called "Snackoon". The flavor is not really that favorite though. (rated 4/10)

  • Hanami (prawn cracker): This is also look similar to the one in Philippines called "Omishi prawn cracker". The taste is not too salty and something you eat on the road trip with your friends. This is a star for Riu! (rated 8/10)

  • Campus (chocolate coated cracker): Comes with a collectible chip card made for kids. Taste like Koko Krunch, like a cereal. (rated 8/10)

  • Lotus (spicy biscuit stick): Taste like ketchup. Like tomato with spicy flavour. (rated 8/10)

  • Bento (spicy squid): This is soooooo SPICY! I can't even bite it. Some people try to eat it with Coca-Cola in Cambodia.

  • Cornae (corn snack): The snacks is great. (rated 7/10)

  • Party (caramel coated chips): This is so good especially for people who like sweet ones. (rated 9/10)

  • Lotus (bbq cracker): The taste is interesting. Overall taste is really really good. (rated 10/10)

Quote of the day "This is so good. I like it!" said Riu

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