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Cow Milk in a Tablet "Roscela" | Know the Manufacturer Ep.29

What is your favorite childhood sweets? --- If you were in Thailand back in your old days, you might have tried what we called "milk tablet" before. And yes, this healthy chewing milk tablets are still one of the most popular popular sweets for kids in Thailand with high calcium and all time favorite sweetened and chocolate malt flavors. And this is a story about one of oldest manufacturer since 1983!

Cow Milk in a Tablet a.k.a. Roscela | Know the Manufacturer Ep.29

Roscela milk tablet is one of the greatest kids confectionaries from Chavanaphat co., ltd. which was founded in 1983. From the first product known as heart-shape milk tablet and later developed into glucose candy orange flavored which was successfully differentiated from other candies in the market at that time and made this milk tablet become well-known among kids confectionaries consumers in Thailand.

Chavanaphat's key strategy is to expand their confectionary production from end-to-end of supply chain and enable them to bring the best products with supreme quality to customers at reasonable price. All confectionary products including candies, milk tablets, chocolate and jellies under "Roscela" brand.

The factory was established in 1990 in Pathumthani province over 25,000 sq.m. of production space. From the first production team of 78 people to approximately 400 people who are happily working everyday to produce your favorite confectionaries and distribute out both in domestic and export markets. The manufacturing process is qualified under GMP, HACCP and Halal practice to ensure quality products will be made for you.

If you haven't tried what so called "milk tablet" then try them now at as we now providing free worldwide shipping from Thailand to your doorstep. A healthy and yummy confectionary authentically made in Thailand that your kids gonna love. Order now as we're now serving the Taste of Thailand anywhere anytime with smile and friendship :)

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