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Brazilian tries Thai snacks | Asian Brasilian

Hi guys, how are you all? Few days ago, Natt and Doug went to Thai supermarket in Singapore and bought a bunch of Thai snacks back to try. Let's see how Doug reacts to Thai snacks. Also, remember to visit as you can now try these snacks by yourself no matter which country you are as we now serve these snacks with free worldwide shipping right o your doorstep. Yummy, Yummy with hassle-free and your snacks will never be the same :)

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It's snacks time. Let's go!

  • Pretz (larb) : The smell is so strong. The taste is sour like a pizza but quite spicy. [scoring 4/5]

  • Pretz (tom yum kung) : Inspired by Thai Traditional food ya know .. "Tom Yum Kung". The taste is pleasant to be eaten all day. [scoring 4/5]

  • Tamarind Candy (spicy & sour) : Very very sour. It's like putting lemon in your mouth. [scoring 2/5]

  • Bento Squid Snack (hot & spicy) : The texture is quite sticky and the taste is very spicy. [scoring 4/5]

  • Hiso (fried crickets) : Definitely the taste of insects but the taste is really nice :) [scoring 3/5]

  • Kohkae (peanuts coated wasabi) : This is the famous peanut snacks brand in Thailand and the taste is quite addictive. [scoring 5/5]

  • Huahed (fried mushroom - tom yum) : Nice smell and nice flavour. Made from oyster mushroom. Crispy cool. [scoring 4/5]

  • Durian paste : Taste similar to Brazillian banana cake. Durian is considered as "king of fruits" and it takes 3-5 years of farming by average. It's also looks like jackfruit but not jackfruit. [scoring 5/5]

Quote of the day "This is good with a beer" said Doug

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