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Know the Manufacturer Ep.21 | Fashion Food

Among thousands of snacks in Thailand, there are so many brands that emerge and exit the market very quickly. However, there is one favorite snack of all time since childhood that stands firm with the same old packaging and same old flavours from the past til these days known as "FF tomato chips" and "FF paprika chips".

Fashion Food | Tomato and Paprika Chips

Celebrating the 30th year of FF tomato and paprika snacks that are available in every school known by every kids. Let's talk back about the very beginning of FF business in 1989, they've launched only 2 snacks which are potato chips and paprika chips without changing any packaging or flavour til these days with 3 main strategies to sustain their market:

1. Valuable price : Every kids know that FF chips provide more quantity compares with other brands at the same price level. This strategy helps FF able to enter mass market both in the city and upcountry area. Especially for school kids which key decision factors are still on the right taste with cheapest price.

2. Push over Pull : Obviously FF has almost pay none of any advertising but spend most budget to push their snacks through every possible distribution channels. FF focus a lot on supplying through traditional convenience stores which consist less discounts than modern trade channel.

3. Packaging design : Simple but Stand out packaging with shiny silver design and BIG BOLD tomato (or paprika) just right in the middle can easily explain its own flavour without saying a single word. It's also shine out from the shelf along the same line in the store.

Since 2001, all snacks produced by Fashion Foods (FF) are certified by Central Islamic Council of Thailand, a renowned Halal certification body operating in Thailand. Furthermore, the factory has been certified as GMP and HACCP in order to produce the best snacks with safety and high quality standard. Lastly, the company also gain accreditation from ISO 14001 as a factory that is friendly to the environment and surrounding community. Today, the company and brand has expanded its popularity worldwide to many countries such as United States, Canada, European countries (EU), Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Fashion Food - Tomato Flavoured Cracker

Fashion Food - Tomato Flavoured Cracker

Your childhood TOMATO chips

Enjoy the crunch of FF tomato chips and FF paprika chips today at Thai Snack Online with free worldwide shipping and guaranteed successful delivery right to your doorstep no matter where you are. Feel the childhood favorites with no regret :)

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