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6 Must-Try Thai Snacks | Hot Thai Kitchen

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Welcome back to Hot Thai Kitchen :) Today we're going to make another video to give you even more Thai snacks ideas. However, these Thai snacks are also available globally online. So if you're living somewhere like in the US or Europe, you can buy these online through our website only at as we now provide free worldwide shipping exclusively for you no matter where you are. Guarantee success delivery, hassle free!

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Alright! Let's get snacking:

  • Thai Ice Tea : No more hassle to make a cup of Thai tea. Now everything comes in a single tea bag. All you have to do is put the tea bag in a glass and pour the hot water in. The add sweet milk or condensed milk as you want. However if you don't have anything but hot water, Just the tea bag in a water is richy good. Feel free to add ice as you like. Hmm .. and that's a real Thai tea flavour.

  • Freeze Dried Durian and Sticky Rice : In Thai cuisine, we have a traditional desert which is made of coconut sticky rice with a coconut syrup on it and fresh durian meat. Now, it's all available in the form of little crunchy snack. It is made from actual durian and actual sticky rice that has been freeze dried and not only just its flavour. The flavour is so preserved and maintained exactly as how it should be tasted. You can still see the grain of sticky rice in this thing.

  • Milk Tablet : This is the stuff that every Thai people grew up together when they were a kid and it is so obsessed, so good. The packaging has not changed even a bit since the last 40++ years. It is not a milk flavour candy but it is a milk powder and sugar compressed into tablets. So you'll get a real milk flavour in there. There's also a chocolate one available online. A little technique for eating this one, if you just chew them with your molars, then it'll get stuck in your teeth. So you can try to break it with your front teeth into small pieces then you can just let them dissolve on your tongue and you won't get it so much stuck in your teeth. However, give it a try as they are unbelievable good for something so simple.

  • Dried Longans : Longans are also know as "dragon's eye" which looks like these round sweet fragrant super juicy fruit that can also be eaten fresh in a can. You'll be surprised how much flavor and fragrance of fresh longans really come through. It doesn't hit you right away but if you chew then it's just like blooms and you can smell from the inside with just the perfect amount of chewy and tender. It is really really addictive. You can also add these into a tea if you like. No sugar added and no preservative.

  • Vaccum-Fried Crispy Mangosteen : Fresh mangosteen are so good and easily one of the top three favorite fruits ever. Now if you fried a vacuum, it allows you to use a much lower temperature so it's gentler on the fruit that you can use softer riper fruit hence it's naturally sweeter and also it reserves in significantly less oil absorption. The texture is so crunchy. The mangosteen itself is so sweet and tart and you can now taste all of that in your mouth. Great flavour, super crunchy and not greasy at all for a deep fried stuff.

  • Banana Chips : They are so thin an d so crispy and so satisfying. It is made from a variety of bananas that grow really well in Thailand called "Hom Thong". The taste is touching just a little spicy and a little tart. No people does banana chips like Thai people do.

Quote of the day "It is so delicious and it is one of my favorite thing" said Pailin

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