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Thai Snacks From the 90s Part II | Candid

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

So in today's video, we're going to try old school, 90s childhood snack part 2. Last video, we had a lot of similar flavours to other 90s snacks in many countries. So let's see if this time it's gonna be the same or totally different?! If you're looking for one of these snacks to try but can't find it on at, submit your request item today via contact us then we'll try our best to source it specially only for you :)

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Here come the 90s kids!

  • Fruity Cream Cone : It comes with several biscuit cones and a cream paste that you can make an art piece of your own. The pastes tastes pretty good, not so soft but consistency. The combined taste is like ginger bread with icing.

  • Tamarind Tablet : Contains in a foil pack like medicine but tamarind is nice :) The taste is unique with sour and salty the first time. But when you bite it, you suddenly taste the rich taste of tamarind.

  • Happy Choco : Provided with little spoon on the cover and a choco powder inside. Pour the choco powder in a cup and mix it with one tablespoon of water. The taste is like caramel. Very sweet with lots of sugar as an ingredient.

  • Lollipop with Flavour powder : The taste is nice but different. I like it, lollipop!

Quote of the day "I've never seen lollipop that comes up with a powder" said Majka

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