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Dozo is an original Japanese rice cracker with variety of tastes that is very popular in Thailand especially "The Original" and "Corn Cheese" flavours. It is very convenient to bring along throughout your journey because of its compact size, ready to eat, available as individual pack with 2 pieces of biscuit to fit with each snack moment, intense flavour and enough for a light meal.

Dozo Japanese Rice Crackers | Sweet Potato

Dozo is one of the snack brands created by a hundred years old company named Berli Jucker Public co., ltd. (a.k.a. BJC). BJC has provided various business service both in trading and manufacturing for food industry in Thailand. It's also one of the first seven companies that was listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand back in 1975 and continue to expand its snack markets and manufacturing base since 2008 throughout Southeast Asia and other major export markets.

Dozo Japanese Rice Crackers | Corn Cheese

Dozo is manufactured by Berli Jucker Foods Co.,Ltd. (one of the subsidiaries of BJC), previously known as Siam Snack Co.,Ltd., delivering variety of snacks for Thailand market since 1982. BJC vision is simply to become a leading reliable packaged food and beverage manufacturing and sourcing through superior innovation, flexibility and versatility under BJC owned brands.

Berli Jucker Foods has continue to keep their promise over the past 30 years by producing superior quality snacks. All ingredients including potato, sweet potato, corn and rice must be qualified through world hygienic standard manufacturing process with comprehensive ability to respond to diverse product forms. Product development and market research is also one of the key to develop seasoning that satisfy customer’s needs which will lead to higher market share both in domestic and foreign countries.

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream

Dozo - Rice Cracker Corn Cheese

Your favorite companion

Enjoy the crispy and crunchy pack of original Japanese rice cracker today at Thai Snack Online featuring "The Original", "Corn Cheese" and "Sweet Purple Potato with Corn Cheese" flavours now with free worldwide shipping and guaranteed successful delivery right to your doorstep. No time to waste and try it with no regret :)

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