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Try Thai snacks, very delicious! | NCT

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

It's an honor from NCT to try and review delicious Thai snacks. A variety of selections including Caramel coated chips, Rice crackers with pork floss, Deep fried durian, Crispy rolls, Fruity chewy candies and Traditional Thai tea drinks.

Taste the snacks like NCT today at with free worldwide delivery right to your doorstep no matter where you are. Yummy guarantee :P

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So what have you got now! Let's try :)

  • Party (caramel coated potato chips) : Taste like caramel salt. It's gonna be a party only for party people!

  • Chao Sua Rice Cracker (with spicy pork floss) : Very unique with the smell of crispy rice. Coated with red chilli paste. Made from pork.

  • Deep-fried Durian Chips : Very crispy and taste like original durian itself. Smells a bit like crispy rice crust.

  • Coconut Crispy Roll : It's very delicious with the taste that everyone can try.

  • Sugus (fruity chewy candy) : Like bubblegum, like jelly altogether. This is good!

  • Kanom Bueang : Filled with sugar cream in the middle.

  • Lay's (miang kham) : Lay's is a worldwide brand but this is a specialized flavour only in Thailand. Taste like Thai food with full of flavours in just one piece.

  • Chatramue (3-in-1 milk tea) : It has milk, it has sugar and it also has tea. You only need to add water in it. But if you don't have water, it's okay. Just have it like cocoa powder straight away. ... However, it's still better to mix with water and even more perfect with ice :)

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

All flavours in just one piece

Quote of the day "Kanom Thai Aroi Mak :)" said NCT

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