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Americans & Thais Swap Snacks | BuzzFeed

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

You'll never know .. what will happen when one Americans swap their tasty snacks with another Thais. From people who only grew up in New York where there's the best junk food everywhere vs people who live in Thailand all their whole life and just visited United States for the first time! The good news is you can try all these snacks by yourself as we now deliver free worldwide shipping directly from Thailand to your doorstep only at .. Better taste them yourself :)

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Ready, Swap, Go!

  • Lay's (miang kam) : It's a very unique taste from traditional Thai food in the northern part of Thailand. A little sour and a little salty like a burst of flavour. Started with lemon lime and now end up with a shrimp, wow! The smell is good.

  • vs Lay's (barbecue) : It's pretty much like a go-to snack everytime you went to a vending machine. The taste might end up like a mild salsa at Taco Bell with a little spicy so this is going to be an experience. It's a little sweet but not too sweet.

  • Ellse : It's like a cake that has cream filling inside. The texture is quite bready and extremely dried. It's not moist but I'm sure it has real sugar in it.

  • vs Twinkie : It's like a spongecake with cream inside of it. The package is so American-style which is bigger than Ellse. The texture is really moist and it tastes sweet.

  • Bento (thai herb & spice) : It's made from real squid similar to street food in Thailand but already coated with sauce. It is really pungent and very spicy.

  • vs Beef Jerky : This has a lot of protein and when you bite it, you have to rip it. It is chewy and mouth watering. Similar to sun dried beef in Thailand (so called "Nua Dad Diew"). A little bit too salty but good overall.

  • Sanghai (chocolate) : It's like a wafer cake which you eat a lot when you're young. You can see all the layers from the outside. Definitely more sweet and fluffy than Keebler.

  • vs Keebler Fudge Stick : It's a wafer treat with creamy. It's sweet with thicker chocolate.

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

All the tastes possible in one bite

Quote of the day "The flavour just changed like five times!" said Maya

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