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Know the Manufacturer Ep.19 | Moodee

Moodee is a proud snack brand made by Sor Khonkaen Foods plc with product vision to focus on taste, cleanliness and full of nutrition under the slogan "Clean and Trust". Today we're going to introduce you a little bit more about this Thai Snack Online selection and its fascinating story.

Moodee - Pork Floss

Sor Khonkaen corporation was established by Mr. Charoen Rujirasopon back in 1984 with his rich experience in food industry over 10 years and a capital of 300,000 THB. It was very obvious back then that many people from Bangkok city will travel far northeast to Khonkaen province and buy many pork products back to resell in the city. This triggered the idea that it was a good time to establish a good manufacturing supply source for these pork products which later become the first factory under Sor Khonkaen brands.

Sor Khonkaen Founder

Ten years later, Sor Khonkaen corporation had grown very strong and got listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1994. With the increase in competition and many uncertainties from supply side, Sor Khonkaen had expanded its supply chain to cover farming business in 1995 which enabled a complete food solution with quality to end consumers.

Sor Konkhaen plc. factory which produces all processed dry food was located in Nakhon Pathom province with production capacity of 800 tons per year. Only 100 km. west of Bangkok which is very convenient for its logistics route to the distribution center. Most ingredients are sourced from from local farms in Thailand with qualified standards from local authorities.

Tenjung - Baked Fish Stick BBQ

Moodee - Pork Floss

Clean and Delicious food that you can Trust

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