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Trying Thai Food | Graice Kay

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

An ordinary but not really just another day with Graice and friends. Special thanks to Liam, our director - producer - cinematographer - voice talent - first camera - second camera - director of composition - director of photography - focuser and whatever you can think of that helps us deliver this stunning cinematic experience :)

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  • Mama Noodle (tom yum kung) : Comes with a little fork inside (how cute!). The taste is WoW but definitely it's hot .. oooh! the soup is hot

  • Knorr Congee (shrimp and crab sticks) : -- (that smell) --

  • Cornae (corn) : Oh .. that's actually really good

  • Taro Fish Snacks (korean seaweed) : They taste so good to me. So soooo good

Thanks for watching :)

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Choco Banana

Mama Cup - Shrimp Tom Yum

The soup is HOT

Quote of the day "Use the fork! and give me the broth" said Graice

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