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Songkran Festival 2019 | Water Guns Guide

It's only a few days to the week-long epic and joy water festival as known as "Songkran Festival" .. an authentic one and only here in Thailand. The official dates are set during April 13th-15th of every year. It's the day of joy when you and your family are gathered around from afar enjoying water splash along the streets ... oh! who said something about WATER SPLASH ?! yep, yep .. just make sure you equip yourself with an ultimate buddy so called "water guns" before the time comes and that's what we're going to talk about today ..

biggest greatest 2-weeks long event called "Songkran" festival

To begin with, let's go through the evolution of water guns in Thailand to consider the best one for you

Water Bowl

The 1st generation, Water Bowl

In the old times, water splashing is being done very gently by pouring water into a bowl and mix with aromatic powder. You may need to ask for permission first to anyone you meet before splashing only a few drops as a greeting. This usually happens at the temple area. Nowadays, this method is being used only as a formal tradition to greet the elders and monks. If you're going to serious water fight, this equipment is definitely not recommended :)

Water Handgun

The 2nd generation, Water Handgun

Simply made with a few mechanism made by plastic with low firing power for kids to easily hold. Even it's not made to make a serious soak but it's still good for short range just in case your main water gun runs out of water given that it's very easy to carry along in your pocket.

Water Shotgun | Pipe

The 3rd generation, Water Shotgun (so called "the piper")

Born as 2 simple PVC pipes with different size but together, it's a very powerful weapon Songkran has ever seen also with it's low cost to make. However, this water shotgun becomes prohibited by law at later time as it's very danger when using high pressurized water to shoot in the face ... so ... let's skip

Water Rifle

The 4th generation, Water Rifle

A very common water guns for Songkran festival that are sold nationwide everywhere during the event period. The key difference from water handgun is the water tank that can be separated out from the main body so you can refill it very quickly. Moreover, you can manually pump air pressure into the pipe before shooting so it can increase the range and power of the water.

Water Machine Gun

The 5th generation, Water Machine Gun

Equip with a huge water tank on your back which is connected with flexible hose to your pressurized water gun so you don't need to refill the water that often. Even though the shooting power is not equivalent to the water rifle, it's compensated with a very cute design of water tank backpack of various cartoon character that you'll love.

Water Gun with Shield

The 6th generation, Water Gun with Shield

Attached with a mini-umbrella at the end of the pipe that can be used as a shield during your water fight. Suitable for kids and ladies who don't want to mess up their makeup during the event. Even though the pressure is equivalent with the 2nd generation of water handgun but if you use it wisely, this could become another great choice for your upcoming Songkran day.

Chao Sua - Rice Cracker Tom Yum

Jfruit - Dried Pineapple

Your summer Thai Snack Online

Last but not least, please make sure that you're cautious of safety while shooting by avoiding to target on facial area or any sensitive body parts at all time. Thanks for your cooperation to preserve this beautiful tradition and we hope you'll always come back and enjoy our smiley festival every summer here and only in Thailand. See you soon :)

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