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Reacting to Fried Seaweed & MORE | A Country Life

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Good morning, everybody. It's snack time! and today we have an exciting package that was shipped all the way from Thailand by including all variety of snacks you can choose from such as biscuits, candies, fruits snacks, Thai chilli paste .. well, everything you can imagine that would be eaten in Thailand as well as fun Subscription Box you can explore.

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So without further ado. Let's open up the box!

  • Crispy Seaweed (spicy) : The package looks really spicy with the steam coming out and a chilli pepper in the picture. The smell is interesting and really strong.

  • Ole Candies (super sour strawberry) : They all come with individual wrap. The taste is good from the outside but when you crack it open .. Boom! Oh .. Sour!

  • Euro Cake (custard) : The custard taste good. Very yummy :)

  • Manora (fried shrimp chips) : The taste is not bad though ..

  • Dozo (crackers with corn cheese) : Comes with individual wrap inside. The taste is kinda sweet and nice.

  • Tasto Chips (potato crab curry) : The smell is not bad at all. Taste like a seasoning from chicken ramen noodle pack. It's good.

  • Lay's (miang kam) : An original series by PepsiCo (Thailand). The taste is like lemon and vinegar. Another better way to start of the day.

  • Party (potato chips coated caramel) : It smells sweet. The taste is like corn pop cereal.

Ole' - Super Sour Candy Strawberry Lime

Ole' - Super Sour Candy Strawberry Lime

The taste is awesome ... until ...

Quote of the day "Oh .. Just crack it open!" said Jennifer

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