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Know the Manufacturer Ep.18 | Tenjung

Tenjung Stick is a seasoned fish fillet inserted with bamboo stick that you can simply hold and enjoy. A totally new dimension of Thai Snack Online that you have to try and today we'll introduce you a little more about this Tenjung fish snack.

Tenjung fish stick

Started in 1973, Sun Yang Food, an original manufacturer of "Tenjung" fish snack, set up a pioneering joint venture company between two Japanese companies to produce premium quality rice crackers from Thai rice which have gained acceptance by Japanese consumers both inside and outside Thailand for a very long time. Today, Sun Yang Food has expanded its product range in many area including cuttlefish snacks, fish snacks, canned fruits, juices and many more.

Tenjung fish stick

Talking about fish snacks, Sun Yang Food has produced a wide range of products under various brand names such as “Ten Ten”, “Tenjung” and “Tenjung Monster”. These fish snacks are made from real sea fish from the Gulf of Thailand that is transformed into healthy snacks with low fat and high protein. Suitable for children, teenagers and all.

Sun Yang Food factory

The factory is located in Nakornpathom province in the Central region of Thailand and next to the west side of Bangkok around 100 km which is very convenient to produce and supply right back to the center of logistics hub in the heart of the city.

Tenjung - Baked Fish Stick BBQ

Tenjung - Baked Fish Stick BBQ


The good news is Tenjung fish stick is now available for you at with various package size to be served directly to your doorstep so no time to waste. Simply place your order here and sit back then your snacks will be shipped right away with guarantee success delivery or 100% refund. Hassle-free!

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