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Trying Thailand Snacks | Rukia

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

It's always an honor to serve our best snacks to all snackers in every corner of the world and have a kind review in return. Today, Rukaiya is back with another review video trying Thai Snack Online. Well, you can give it a shot too. Simply subscribe to our snack box and your snacks will be customized to your taste and send it right to your doorstep ... so yum!

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  • Kai Yang (crispy snack) : The smell is really strong like a chicken. It also comes with a dipping sauce in the package. Without a dip, it doesn't really have an overpowering flavour but with a dip, it's really good. [score 6 out of 10]

  • Cornae (corn snack) : The taste is very good and crisps [score 9 out of 10]

  • Gondola (banana chips with honey caramel) : Smells like banana. The flavour is good but the texture is not as crispy as it should. [score 4 out of 10]

  • Chao Sua (rice cracker with toasted squid) : Very strong smell. The taste keeps getting better the more you chew and I like it. [score 8 out of 10]

  • Maenapa (3 mixed potato chips) : The texture is very colorful from the color of different potatoes. Especially, the orange one has got a lot of flavours .. yum!

  • Lay's (miangkam) : The taste is going to bring you to Thailand .. so good. It has the sweet lime taste too. [score 7 out of 10]

  • Koh-kae (peanuts coated chicken flavour) : Very similar to those we have in Philippines but the taste is so good [score 7 out of 10]

  • Pretz (seafood tom yum) : It has the pretzel taste with lime and it's so good. [score 8 out of 10]

  • Maeju (pandan milk candy) : It's a hard candy. The flavour of pandan is really strong which is good. It's the only sweet we got in this box but I like it.

  • Mama (shrimp creamy tom yum noodle) : It has citrusy smell and it's hot :) The taste is good and it has the right amount of spice with lime taste.

Cornae - Corn

Cornae - Corn

An American corn snack

Quote of the day "I love chips" said Rukaiya

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