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Foreigners try Thai Snacks | Candid

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today, Crystal, Majka, Nico and Pascal are going to try various Thai Snacks. Stay tune for their reviews and thoughts but don't believe (as yet)! Prove it yourself today as we're now offering these snacks through our online store with free worldwide shipping no matter where you are to be served right to your doorstep. And your snacks will never be the same :P

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Okay, it's showtime!

  • Pretz (larb) : Taste like "Nam Tok" (local dish in northeast area of Thailand). The texture is like cookie obviously but the taste is very unique like there's some sesame inside. It's nice and It's good.

  • Pretz (tom yum kung) : Smells like a shrimp and tea (??) but the taste is very special. It's sweet with a little spicy. Obviously like Tom Yum soup with noodle in Thailand.

  • Pocky (mango) : Smells like mango, nice! Looks like it's being covered by mango icing. The taste is kinda refreshing. Definitely reminds me of mango sticky rice, oooh!

  • Bento (sweet & spicy) : The texture is sticky like dry meat but it smells like fish. It's quite spicy after you chew it for several times but it's good though. Interesting .. but now .. can we have the water, please ..

  • Party (krongkrang) : It's coated with sauce. The taste is like "Pad Thai" (another famous local dish you can't miss to try when you come to Thailand), not so spicy with a little sweet. To be honest, it's nice!

  • Pu-thai (squid) : Comes with a shape of crab (so cute :D) but it said "squid" flavour. Doesn't have much taste though but not bad.

  • Carada (cuttlefish) : Taste good :) It's actually sweet.

  • Lay's (miang kham) : Looks like paprika and herb on the top. Smells pretty nice. Taste starts with the lime and then sweet, spice, garlic and ended with the lime again. Pretty cool.

Bento - Squid Sweet & Spicy

Bento - Squid Sweet & Spicy

The taste of squirrel ... um I mean squid

Quote of the day "You know what? I like this one the most :)" said Crystal

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