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Know the Manufacturer Ep.17 | Sarach

From a local family business specialized in tamarind farming 40 years ago, become a multi-million company in the past few years. From a hobby of a local teacher, become one of the largest tamarind manufacturer in Thailand by his son. And this is their story ...

Lay's betcha can't eat just one

Sarach Marketing Limited was founded in 1987 by Khun Chinda and Khun Supaluk Kamolthornthai, former local teachers in Phetchabun province, Thailand. Started as a hobby from local farming, repacking, serving local travelers and participating in local events with only a few hundred dollars income back each month. Khun Sarach as their only son believes that there should be a better way to improve their family business so he decided to come back home since he graduated at the age of 24 to re-brand and re-design all packages by himself.

Sarach Tamarind in Thailand

The first turning point of Sarach Tamarind in 2003 was a decision to enter a mega retail chain store called 7-11 which has more than 100 branches in Thailand by that time. To begin with, 7-11 has challenged Khun Sarach to increase his production capacity by 100 times though if he rejected means he's going to lose his chance with 7-11 forever. Hence, Khun Sarach decided to raise fund even that means increasing a tremendous debt to open a new factory which has enabled Sarach to increase their product line over 30 different tamarind types and exporting over 20 countries until present.

Sarach - Tamarind Super Sour & Spicy

Sarach - Tamarind Super Sour & Spicy

Original Sarach seedless tamarind candy from Thailand

The second turning point of Sarach Tamarind was the launch of "Sarach Tamarind Jeed-Jard" since 2008 which remains top selling tamarind processed snack until these days. Initiated by the idea of Khun Phuwadej Laohamontolkul who wanted to unlock the difficulty of eating tamarind by separating its seeds out and furnished with local spices. Sarach Tamarind Jeed-Jard is an exceptional chewy tamarind snack with extremely taste of spicy, sweet, salty and sour all at once!

Sarach Tamarind farm is located in Lom Kao area, Phetchabun province which is part of lower northern region of Thailand. Surrounded by mountains and lightly cold temperature along the year, it is a very good location for fruit farming and growing spices.

Guaranteed by world industrial standards such as GMP, Halal, Hazard and Geographical Indicator. Sarach Tamarind is no doubt a top Thai Snack Online selection for tamarind snack that is now available for free worldwide shipping and guarantee delivery where nowhere else could offer but only at .. try it today and your snacks will never be the same.

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