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Belgian Kids try Thai Snacks | ScarletlightZ

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Hello guys! Today we're going to view another snack taste test video with Jom, Leon and Seppe featuring Thai snacks (of course!), milk and water (just in case). Well, watch it then and check it out by yourself for real at as we serve variety of Thai snacks with free worldwide shipping to your doorstep. Can't miss :)

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Okay, it's time to choose now. Here we go!

  • Peepo (fruity jelly) : Just simply pull out the plastic cover on top and squeeze the jelly right into your mouth (yum!). Especially the orange one seems nice :P

  • Tao Kae Noi (crispy seaweed) : It tastes like seaweed (of course, it's seaweed)

  • Koala March (chocolate biscuits) : Some of you may have eaten it before. It's definitely delicious. The best one!

  • Foy Thong (traditional thai dessert made from sugar & egg) : The taste is a bit sweet though, not really

  • Taro (fish hot chilli) : It may smells a little strange if you don't like fish but it's definitely HOT & SPICY.

  • Hanami (shrimp chips hot chilli) : The smell is very hot as well as its taste. But it's taste so good like 'BOOM!' in your mouth.

  • Rice Cracker : Tastes like popcorn though it's made from rice. Very tasty.

  • Tenjung (fish sick) : It smells like we're in the fish market and it's hard to chew

Chao Sua - Rice Cracker Pork Floss

Chao Sua - Sticky Rice Cracker Pork Floss

Made from fatty crispy rice

Quote of the day "Hey, Aroi - Makk" said Jom

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