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Korean vs Thai Snacks | Korean Sister Juney

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today, Korean sister Juney and Pleum VRZO are going to show you how Korean snacks vs Thai snacks on one-to-one fight looks like! Who will win? And see if there's any interested snack you'd like to try coz now all the five snack fights are available in our online store with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep only at Thai Snack Online. Order now and judge it yourself :P

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Are you ready? .. okay, let's get started :)

  • Calbee (shrimp sticks) : Also called "Saeu-kung" in Korean while we called "Kao-Kreab-Kung" in Thai. Well, Thai snack taste is slightly stronger than Korean though the stick size is shorter.

  • Potato Chips (tomato flavour) : Taste exactly like tomato and it's really good.

  • Kai Yang (potato chips with chilli sauce) : The chip-shape is like the whole chicken body. It does come with a chilli sauce inside the pack though Juney thinks it's better without sauce.

  • Manora (shrimp chips) : "Manora" is a magical creature in Thai fantasy stories with the upper part of a beautiful lady and the lower part of a bird. Well, it's not related to the snack anyhow .. hahaha back to the snack. It comes with a sachet of chilli paste inside. Taste like Tom Yum Kung.

  • Pu-thai (crab-shaped chip with squid flavour) : The smell is very strong like fish sauce though it doesn't really taste like squid.

Hanami - Prawn

Hanami - Prawn

This one tastes like Korean

Quote of the day "I like it because it's sour and sweet at the same time" said Juney

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