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Know the Manufacturer Ep.16 | Cornae

Have you ever played Freddy Krueger and put Cornae on your fingers before eating? If yes, you're most likely the late 80's-90's Thai kids from the past. But of course, Cornae is still one of the most popular Thai snacks that you can find nowadays. What's so special about this corn snack? Let's roll back to see how it begins ..

Cornae Finger Snack

Cornae is one of the very successful snack brands under Useful-Food co., ltd. A 30 years Thai snack company with a wonderful journey to bring quality snacks for your great time. Since 1995, the first factory was established with an initial capital of 8 million baht under the property of 5,600 sq.m. which has grown up by 20 times in 2015 to serve snackers around the world.

Lay's betcha can't eat just one

All ingredients are carefully selected with high standard including corn starch, palm oil and seasonings before process to manufacturing steps. The factory is located in Meanburi area on the Eastern side of Bangkok which is easily connect to the logistics hub like Suvarnabhumi ariport and Eastern Seaboard for further distribution.

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream

Cornae - Corn

Finger snack you can't miss :P

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