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Know the Manufacturer Ep.15 | Tamarind House

Tamarind House is one of the most popular tamarind snack manufacturers in Thailand providing a very wide variety of all possible tamarind snacks that could have ever been created. It was founded by Sweet Bee Farm Co., Ltd. in 2001 by the Tamarind House community in Sapansoong district led by Mrs.Patcharee Kowongprasert.

Lay's betcha can't eat just one

The first and foremost idea behind the brand "Tamarind House" was formed in 1997 when her family faced financial difficulty during the big economic crisis in Thailand. Following his majesty the king's idea of self-sufficiency in mind, they've started their business by developing sweet and sour tamarinds, Petchaboon's renowned local specialty, into tamarind products which has been accepted by local consumers in a very short time.

Main products under the brand "Tamarind House" come in variety of finished forms including preserved fruits, snacks, and juice concentrates. Tamarind House products are now available nationwide in Thailand. With its emphasis on quality production, Tamarind House are guaranteed by a 5-star OTOP product champion award (Thailand's best products award of each province) for 4 consecutive years during 2003-2008 and Thailand Best Brand by DEP in 2007.

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream

Tamarind House - Crispy Banana with Tamarind Jam

The amazingly mixed of tamarind

In 2009, Sweet Bee Farm co., ltd. has been moved to a new 2,400 sq.m. factory with the production area specially designed to meet GMP and HACCP standards to ensure that a large quantity of high quality tamarind products can be sufficiently processed to serve all the yummies right to your doorstep only at Thai Snack Online with free worldwide shipping and guaranteed delivery. And your snacks will never be the same :)

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