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Trying Thai Snacks, Ramen & Candies | Infinitely Cindy

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Thai snack taste test and today we have Cindy and her special guest on the blog :) Cindy brought back a lot of traditional snacks from her previous trip to Thailand which we're going to find out how it goes. And remember to check out Thai Snack Online as we now serve these yums right to your doorstep with free (absolutely free!) worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. No regret :)

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It's time to try Thai snacks and candies with Infinite Cindy:

  • Crunky (chocolate ball) - It's like green tea fluff with chocolate and a little waffle crisps. The green tea is really strong. The taste also has a mix of matcha.

  • Chewy Milk Candy (mixed fruits) - This pack includes lychee, apple, taro, banana, strawberry, watermelon and a lot more. Looks like a white little ball. The more you chew, the more fruit essence coming you get. It's like part jelly part hi-chew. Also, a milk flavour exists.

  • Coconut Candy (with durian) - Taste very milky and it's a hard candy. Definitely taste like durian and a hint of coconuts.

  • Pretz (larb) - I can definitely eat this all day. You can get the taste of lime, chilli, salt and a little bread stick. It's like you can get those traditional Thai spices.

  • Rolled Crispy Seaweed (original) - It's super crunchy. It's very fishy like ocean sea fishy taste but it's good.

  • Sianghai (plum candy) - It's a hard candy in a shape of flower. Do tastes like plum but it's different from the real dried plum with chilli and stuff.

  • Sugus Chewy Candy (mixed fruits) - Taste like starbursts in asian version. I like it.

  • Twisties (chocolate) - It's like a flag shape with no coated on it. The chocolate is filled inside. It's like something you can find in the US. It's crunchy, it's chocolate but not nearly like cereal. Taste like a bitter sweet chocolate, not a milk chocolate.

  • Minced Pork Tom Yum Ramen - It looks like ramen with chilli flakes in them. You can smell the lemon and chilli powder. The broth is spicy but it's really yummy. It's like a chilli pepper spice cause it's hot and totally different from seasoning spices.

  • Milk Tablet - Smells like milk. The look is like a pill but when you bite it, it tastes like condensed milk or milk custard or milky cream. Interesting.

Taro - Fish Hot Chilli

Wai Wai - Minced Pork Tom Yum

The broth is spicy but really really good

Quote of the day "It smells super super good" said Cindy

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