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Taro Fish Snacks Hot Chilli | Let's Taste

Hi! Welcome to Let's Taste. Today we have an honor from Claes and Johnny to try Thailand fish sticks called "Taro fish snack Hot Chilli flavour" .. the JUMBO size. Wanna try one? Click here to check it out [Taro - Fish Hot Chilli] and your snacks will be served right to your doorstep.

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Now, what do you say? Claes and Johnny:

  • Packaging : You can noted the chilli picture at the bottom-right on the package

  • Smell : Strong fishy smell

  • Taste : Similar to dried squid but it's HOT! though it really really taste like fish at the end. The texture is soft but sticky so it's a bit hard to chew. There's a lot of flavour in it and it's definitely spicy!

Taro - Fish Hot Chilli

Taro - Fish Hot Chilli

It's hot but not too hot :)

Quote of the day "If you really love fish, it's a THUMBS UP" said Claes

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