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Taste Testing Thai Snacks | Marlin

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

What's up beautiful MarMars and welcome back! Today, Marlin is going to try all different sort of Thai snacks. Remember, if you'd like to try one of these Thai Snack Online yourself, make sure to check out our online store as we do serve all the goodies to you with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep... so .. go ahead and buy ones for yourself :)

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And this is what Marlin said about:

  • Tao Kae Noi (spicy) - It's a a thick seaweed .. so real and natural. At first, I thought it's going to be crispier than this but once it gets crispy then it gets soggy but it's good though. [MarMar THUMBS UP]

  • Bento (hot & spicy) - If this was eaten with eyes closed then it would have thought to be some kind of beef jerky or something that has the same texture. From the look, it's supposed to be crispy and crunchy but the flavours are delicious though. It's like spicy but then sweet and it has no fishy flavour at all. [MarMar THUMBS UP]

  • Sugus (chewy candy) - There are pink, purple, orange, green and these are delicious. They are chewy like Laffy Taffy and small like Starburst. The purple one (blackcurrant) doesn't taste like the one in America, it was very gentle and not too sweet. [MarMar THUMBS UP]

  • Lay's (garlic butter scallops) - The texture is like Ruffles. The first bite taste like pineapple then the second taste like scallop then butter. Though the flavours are not too overpower or something but [MarMar THUMBS UP]

  • Durian Chips - That's a weird flavour though. Durian is supposed to be sweet and giving a bad breath. It was really not that. [MarMar gives a middle]

  • Glass Fish - Looks like an actual fish and you can see the bones and stuff. SO CRUNCHY! but it's too fishy. [MarMar gives a NO]

  • Lay's (seaweed) - It actually has a little pieces of seaweed on it. A bit weird as it's a potato chips but trying to be seaweed. Like it but it rather be only a seaweed or potato chip but not both of them. [MarMar gives a middle]

  • Roasted Seasoned Cuttlefish - That's a very stinky fishy smell. I thought it's gonna be very crispy but it's very fishy. But if you guys like cuttlefish, may be it's your kind. [MarMar gives a NO]

  • Fish Chips (bbq) - It's so confusing. It's like introducing I'm crispy and I'm barbecue then it's like I'm gonna be a fish now. Then it's like I'm gonna be wasabi. I feel like I'm tasting a fish particles in my mouth now. [MarMar gives a NO]

  • Taro Fish Snack (spicy) - It's made of fish meat (lizardfish) and tapioca flour. It tastes really fishy and chewy. It's kinda cool with strands like big league chew but it's kinda weird at the same time. [MarMar gives a NO]

  • Corn Puff - They're like big squares of corn and bread. It's good with a weird aftertaste though it's kind of soggy when you bite on it. It's crispy but it's soggy. [MarMar gives a middle]

Bento - Squid Hot & Spicy

Bento - Squid Hot & Spicy

Spicy - Sweet - De-li-ci-ous

Quote of the day "These are so de-li-ci-ous .. so good" said Marlin

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