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American Kids Try Snacks From Thailand! | HiHo Kids

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today, american kids are going to try some new snacks from afar. Guess where :) ? .. and it starts with T! .. ya know, let's find out - -

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Not from Indonesia, not from India, not from Japanese, not from Chinese, not from tabis (?):

  • Party (fried sweet potato chips) - A little bit of tangy taste at the end. Coated with amazingly delicious butter caramel.

  • Lotus (biscuit sticks) - They taste pretty good. I'm saving these for later.

  • Carada (cuttlefish) - These are made from cuttlefish (kind like a little octopus) and seems to be packed in a strongest package ever. The bites are good :)

  • Taro (fish snack bbq) - Smells like real fish. Looks like dried french fries and it also tastes dry. Apparently, it's very healthy for people who's trying to lose weight.

  • Lotus (korean bbq) - Oh, they're even shaped like little chicken legs. Have a little kick of spicy .. woo

Party - Caramel

Party - Caramel

Only at .. yeah!

Quote of the day "Two please :)" said Austin

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