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7 Must-Try Thai Supermarket Snacks | Hot Thai Kitchen

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Sawasdee ka and welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen. Today, Pailin is going to show you some super delicious food in Thailand from the place that is usually overlooked, the supermarket. Thai supermarket is a great place to grab snacks for your road trip or your hotel room with thousands of thousands of options on the shelves. So ... Pailin is going to make it easier for you buy selecting 7 must-try snacks that meet 3 selection criteria : It must be delicious (of course!), It must be available in major supermarkets in Thailand and It must not be easy-to-made at home else why bother searching outside, right :). But don't worry, if you'd like to try them even though you haven't yet planned to Thailand, most of them are now available at Thai Snack Online (wow!) and definitely with free worldwide shipping to your doorstep (wow wow!) so check them out and your snacks will never be the same!

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Alright, let's get started:

  • Rice Cracker with Shredded Pork - Also known as "Khao Tung Moo Yong" in Thai. It's definitely addictive with many different flavours [check them out here]. So crunchy and satisfying.

  • Sun Dried Banana - If you love dried fruit snacks, this is for you. Made from cultivated banana (called "Kluai Namwa" in Thai). It is a short-fat banana which is widely used for cooking in Thailand. It is so sweet and so different from regular bananas you may have. After sun-dried. you don't need to add any sugar or anything at all as the sugar inside the bananas will naturally comes out as called "banana fudge". Chewy, sweety and fruity.

  • Crispy Coconut Roll - Specially for those cookie monsters (.. he ..he). This is "Tong Muan" or "Crispy Coconut Roll Cookies". They are light and delicate. It's not really hard to make but requires a special press to form it into the right shape while it's hot before cool down and become easy to crumble. Made from coconut milk and decorated with black sesame. Usually a great souvenirs for many tourists.

  • Lay's (miang kam) - The flavour itself is an appetizer made of lots of different ingredients such as coconut, peanuts, ginger, lime wrapped in wild betel leaves. And Lay's has closely captured all the tastes!

  • Lay's (hot chilli squid) - As common in Asia, we love to make flavours from seafood stuff such as shrimp, squid, fish and more. And this one you can definitely taste dried squid with sweet chilli sauce as well as the smell o grilled squid itself.

  • Durian Fudge - This is exclusively for durian lovers only! (warned you!) Made from durian made which has been cooked and concentrated down into a fudge paste. It can also be considered as candy in a log-shaped packaging. The durian flavour is not as strong as the fresh ones. It tastes really mild of durian aroma with the texture of soft caramel.

  • Coated Peanuts (chicken) - That's right "Chicken" flavoured peanuts. As weird as it sounds, it's sooooo ... good! Really addictive and Yum!

  • Crispy Grilled Squid - It's a baked crispy squid. Very concentrated one. The more you chew, the more munchy you get. A little spicy, a little sweet. So addictive!

  • Crispy Banana with Tamarind Jam - It's not only banana chips but a sandwich version with a tamarind filling. Like a healthy version but more satisfying. A little tart, sweet but chewy and crunchy. The combination is just deadly in a good way :)

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll with Durian

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll with Durian

Durian roll? Yeah! :)

Quote of the day "It has to be delicious. Otherwise, why would we bother :)" said Pailin

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