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Know the Manufacturer Ep.12 | Koh Kae

Koh Kae is the famous all-nuts snack brand in Thailand with the concept of "Fun in every bite". It is founded by Mae-Ruay group since 1976. The first flavour that has been introduced and still the most popular one until these days is coconut coated crispy peanuts with more flavour development in later days such as Tom yum, Shrimp and Chicken. Nowadays, Koh Kae is also popular in many foreign countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and China.

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Koh Kae is considered as fried and baked dried snack made from peanuts as main ingredient along with wheat flour, eggs and coconut cream. It is well packed in a laminated bag which is suitable for processed snack after baked. Sealed with a plastic film and aluminium foil to prevent the snacks from moisture, sunlight and oxygen in order to reduce rancidity and lipid oxidation up to 8 months after manufacturing date.

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream

Hello peanuts, you're coated with me now :D

The factory is located on the west side of Bangkok in the Central region of Thailand which is very convenient to connect supply right to the center of logistics hub such as Suvarnabhumi airport and Thai Snack Online distribution center in less than an hour (of course it's subjected to the famous traffic condition of Bangkok itself :D).

In year 2000, Koh Kae was certified as ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) as well as GMP and HACCP in the following years.

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