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Thailand Snacks Review | Tommy Nightcoreandvideos

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today Tommy is back! Not only a blogger specialized in reviews but also begin his new journey as YouTuber. This is a special review for snacks from so let's get into it. Remember, if you're looking to buy Thai snacks to be served right to your doorstep worldwide. Yes! free worldwide shipping then just check out Thai Snack Online and your snacks will never be the same ;P

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Let's hear what Tommy said about Thai snacks:

  • Ole' Candy (super sour) - The packaging looks pretty cool with individual wrap. Woo .. it tastes good and instantly sour. You can definitely taste the strawberry.

  • Collon Biscuit (chocolate) - Looks like chocolate with biscuits rolling around. The chocolate is a lot different than in the US, a lot lighter but better as it almost melts in your mouth. Though the biscuits taste similar.

  • Bissin Wafers (orange) - A whole lot orange flavour which makes them taste good. Even more oranges. Pretty good.

  • Euro Cake (marble choc) - Very soft, very moist. The cake part taste really good like a marble sponge cake. The chocolate part is ok. I like it.

  • Sugus Candy (assorted flavour) - Come with various flavours included grape, straberry, apple, etc.

  • Cougar Candy (yoghurt) - Well, I didn't like yoghurt. Not really what I used too.

  • Yoyo Jelly (assorted fruits) - Included grape, lemon, orange and strawberry. It's chewy but not too chewy. The orange flavour can also taste some citrus in it and these are really good. I wish I could have more of 'em.

  • Bento (hot & spicy) - Smells really strong. Not my taste.

  • Lotus (hot & spicy) - Looks like chicken leg. Smells good. Flavour is not bad. Taste a bit like chicken and then hot & spicy part kicks in to stay for a little while. I really like this, it's pretty good.

  • Milk Tablet (chocolate) - Looks exactly like tablet with little cow face on it. There's a taste of chocolate at one point and it's really strong even it's really small.

  • Ovaltine Cookie (chocolate malt) - The malt flavour on the cream is really good. The sandwich cookie part is chocolate so as the center.

  • Sanghai Wafers (chocolate) - There's a chocolate in it but a lot lighter than the others. The wafers do balance each other and you can taste those. There's a different between chocolate on the outside vs the inside and it's really good.

  • Chainoi (durian chips) - It's not bad but not really much flavour too. The aftertaste is what gets you.

  • Pocky (cookies & cream) - I can definitely taste the cookie & cream and they are really really good. Coated with milk confectionary which gives more taste of milk.

  • Botan Mint Ball (mixed berry) - Looks pink. There's a really mink kick and it's really really strong.

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Cookies & Cream

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Cookies & Cream

Specially coated with milk confectionary

Quote of the day "Definitely tastes different from american cookie & cream stuff" said Tommy

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