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Smile Thailand Ep.7 | Siam Amazing Park : Sea of Bangkok

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Do you know that there's a sea in Bangkok? Yes, we're talking about Siam Park, the sea of Bangkok which has been bringing joy and excitement over the past 30 years (since 1980). It's operated under Amornpannakorn co., ltd. on the property of 480 thousand sq.m. in the middle of Bangkok city which has been awarded as the best amusement park from Thailand Tourism Award 2011 and voted as one of top 12 best amusement park in Asia by Forbes. Today, we're going to take you a through review of this favorite park of all time. Here we go!

Siam Park - Sea of Bangkok

To travel here, you can take several bus line includes 60, 71, 96, 115, 178 and 519 <.. more info ..> from different part of Bangkok city which will take you right to Siam Park. If you prefer to drive, here's a Google Map location <13.80491, 100.69299>.

Siam Park City History

The park opens daily from 10:00-18:00 hrs with a one-day unlimited access ticket for adult 30 USD/person (height > 130 cm) and kids 25 USD/person (height 100-130 cm). Of course, all little ones below 100 cm are free to pass!

The park is separated into 5 zones : water park, x-zone, family world, fantasy world and small world with supporting facilities (information counter service, food and drinks, restroom, first aid, prayer's room) all around the park.

Siam Park City Map

Let's begin with our most-favorite zone of Siam City, the WATER PARK because it will close at 17:00 hrs before the park closing time (at 18:00 hrs). Starts from the giant flowing pool and the beach simulation which has been included in Guinness World Records as the largest surreal beach in the world. Enjoy the mini-wave and mini sliders for kids up until the giant sliders for the one who dare!

Next, we're going to the FAMILY WORLD. Starting from the log flume through the tunnel of the lion then splash before taking time to relax at the merry-go-round. Travel through time in Jurassic land, wild wild west with grand canyon express and have double-shock experience in the haunted house >.<

Remember, this is an all-day trip. Bring along your snacks whenever wherever your are coz you're gonna need that energy!

Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken

Mae Napa - Pumpkin Chips

Refill your energy for fun holiday everyday

Moving forward to the X-ZONE where it will spin your head off with the Boomerang, Vortex and Top Spin only for those without heart condition |!|

Ending our day with small world and fantasy world for kids to chill out with mini attractions including mini-carousel, mini-motorbike, mini-boat, mini-astrofighter and the twin dragons :)

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