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Know the Manufacturer Ep.11 | Taro

Taro is a leading fish snacks brand in Thailand with 70% market share over the past 30 years since 1983 and rapidly gain more popularity in Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Simply delicious, nutritious and fun to eat. Taro is made from fresh sea-caught white fish meat carefully blended with exotic spices and processed in a world class hygienic factory. The mixed raw materials are baked to become finished products.

Taro - Fish snacks from heaven

Taro fish snacks are manufactured by P.M. Food Company Limited, a manufacturing subsidiary company of the Premier Marketing Public Company Limited. The pioneer factory was established in Bangkok province since 1983. Due to the overwhelming demand of Taro products in 1992 the company built a second state of art factory in Prachinburi province to handle the expansion and preparation for new lines of products since then.

With more than 800 people in production line, the new factory is equipped with modern equipment and facilities guaranteed by international standards such as HACCP, GMP, ISO-9002, ISO-14001 and HALAL.

Taro - Fish Spicy

Taro - Fish Spicy

No.1 Thailand fish snacks of all time

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