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Australians try Thai Snacks | Flying the Nest

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Hey guys! Today Stephen and Jess are in Thailand and they've grabbed some Thai snacks to try. It's even more than a taste test by trying snacks can teach us the life of different countries and how the kids have been grown up which is very interesting. Well .. if you're looking to try Thai snacks yourself, there are many selections to choose in our online store including free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep so check it out :)

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Here comes Flying the Nest:

  • Koala March - It comes with Koala shape like something you had when you're at school. Taste really good like Nutella. That's a really good one.

  • Crispy Seaweed (hot & spicy) - Smells like sushi roll. It's fluffy and I love it. It doesn't taste like spicy but it does come back in your throat.

  • Gummy Jelly - They look like Starburst but taste a little more sugar.

  • Kit Kat (green tea) - All coated in green. It taste like green tea matcha drinks or green tea bread. Enjoyable.

  • Snack Jack (green pea) - Looks like Twisties but bent and green. The texture is super hard like pea soup in a chewable stick.

  • Two Tone - It's a white and pink milk chocolate. Smells like milkshake with a little biscuit chunks in it. Taste like strawberry in Nesquik. A good pick.

Mama - Glass Noodle Shrimp Tom Yum

Tao Kae Noi - Crispy Seaweed Hot & Spicy

Fried but healthy with a spicy-kick

Quote of the day "Having it with coffee will be so good" said Stephen

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