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Know the Manufacturer Ep.10 | Chainoi

King of Fruits a.k.a. Durian is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand as well as export market. And he, Mr. Surapong Narongnoi is the one who has transformed the king of fruits into an easy-to-eat snacks in a pack including the famous durian chips and cracker with durian chips known as "Chainoi" with the vision to deliver the highest quality products through professional management and business transparency.

Chainoi Durian Chips

From the former salesman to a founder of Chainoi Food co., ltd. Back in 2003, an era for durian farms when every farmers turned their lands into durian hubs. Even durian can made a lot of profit during the first year but the price dramatically dropped by half in the second year because of over-supply. And that's when Mr. Surapong and his mom decided to invent durian chips as well as established a local community hub of "Chainoi Durian" to be a marketplace and manufacturing hub for durian farmers in Chumpon province. His primary target is to become a souvenir for local tourists and slowly expand to nearby provinces.

Chainoi Food co., ltd. was registered in 2008 after several attempts to redesign its packaging and improved production quality to get certified from Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA) and several international standards including GMP, HACCP and Halal.

Chainoi production house is located in Chumpon province where Mr. Surapong was born and raised. It is the strategic location of durian agriculture where you can only find the best durians in Thailand to be supplied all over the country and abroad.

Entrée - Crispy Pork BBQ

Chainoi - Durian Chips

Traditional Thai snack recipe that we all love

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