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International try Thai Snacks - Part 1 | Lalita Tube

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Today we're going to do Thai snacks taste test. Lalita went to an Asian market and bought a bunch of snacks. Some brands are quite familiar for many of Thai snackers while some are new and quite interesting to try. Check them out yourself in our online store as we now serve with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep no matter where you are :)

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Let's begin our international taste test from Lalita and friends:

  • Tenjung Fish Stick - Looks very cute and sticky. Even though the texture is quite hard but the taste is actually pretty good.

  • Pretz (larb) - It's tasted really good and not as spicy as it looks. Also tastes like pizza (^^").

  • Carabao (energy drink) - Taste like most of energy drinks. Sweet and Sour.

Tenjung - Baked Fish Stick BBQ

Tenjung - Baked Fish Stick BBQ

I can eat this in an elegant way ^^

Quote of the day "Everything's just tasted like pizza!" said our Venezuelan friend

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