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Thai Treats Taste Test | Cheeky Tam

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Welcome to another taste test by this lovely lady, Cheeky Tam :) And yes, there's a lot of things to try from biscuits, chips to a DIY kit you may have never seen before. Try it yourself today as all snacks are available in our online store with free worldwide shipping to serve right to your doorstep and your snacks will never ever be the same.

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And now .. It's time to enjoy the taste with Cheeky Tam:

  • Pretz (tom yum kung) - They are lovely, crunchy and salty. They taste like chilli and lemongrass. It's exactly that sweet, salty and sour taste when you have Tom Yum Kung but amazingly it appears in the Pretzel stick. Wow!

  • Pretz (spicy bbq) - It's a skinny Pretzel stick. They start with a spice punch in it and do taste like a spicy BBQ flavour. Really crunchy, really tasty, lots of flavour, really GOOD!

  • Pretz (larb) - The flavour is quite nice even tasting Larb flavour for the first time. There's definitely the taste of mint and a pork flavour in there.

  • Coconut Roll (original) - They come with a little tray in a pack (how cute!). They're really tasty and crunchy like biscuits. The black things in there are sesame and the main ingredient was made from rice.

  • Coconut Roll (banana) - The banana flavour in it wasn't really strong but quite settle and pleasant.

  • Milk tablet (sweetened) - They really look like a tablet with a cow picture on it. They taste like powder milk and a little bit of malt which made them really tasty. Left with a funny after-taste of milk. Yum!

  • Instant Thai Tea - There're 5 sachets inside the pack. The smell of tea comes out once open the package with an interesting color after mixed. It's really hard to explain the flavour as this ice tea has got a little sweetness in it but also a little bitterness in it as well. It's quite refreshing and really nice to have on a hot day.

  • Tasto (crab curry) - It looks healthy as they said it's made from natural potatoes, no additive, no msg, no preservative, uses rice bran oil (that's good!). There'a a little taste of crab in there. Not really salty but very crunchy.

  • Lay's (garlic butter scallop) - That's quite an intense garlic flavour in there. They have quite a settle taste of scallop but a little bit overpower by the garlic.

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll Original

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll Original

Pretty tasty ;P

Quote of the day "Wow :) I really like this" said Cheeky Tam

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