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Americans try Thai Sweets | BuzzFeed

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

There's nothing like Thailand ... so good .. so good. And now, BuzzFeed crew is back with a bunch of sweets from Thailand. Enjoy new treats which you may not have seen anywhere else before. Try out more various limited flavours available in our store. Check them out as we provide free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. Only at Thai Snack Online :)

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Let's see what BuzzFeed said about Thai Chips:

  • Crispy Crepes - Looks like an egg sandwich or a little taco. Tastes like a fortune cookie with tangy orange flavour finishing with coconuts.

  • Roti Sai Mai - Looks like a unicorn hair .. (ooh) .. You gotta wrap those with a thin pancakes. It melts in your mouth the same way cotton candy does.

  • Durian Jam - If you like durian, this is going to taste great. Definitely taste better than its smell.

  • Taro Cake - Smells like a doughnut. Like an almond joy without a chocolate or the nut with purple.

  • Tamarind Candy - Warning! you cannot eat the seed inside. It's salty at first and then sweet and then spicy!

  • Sticky Rice and Banana - Looks like lunch more than dessert. There's a mash up banana inside a rice. Two thumbs up.

Sarach - Tamarind Spicy Candy

Sarach - Tamarind Spicy Candy

Get in! shut up! coz I'm driving

Quote of the day "I love Thai food." said BuzzFeed crew

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