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Trying a few Thai Snacks with Jangmin Mukbang | The World of Dave

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hey guys, I'm Dave from the US! and I'm Jang Min from Spain. Recently, he went to Thailand for work and brought back a bunch of Thai snacks. So today we'll give them a shot to try. Remember .. there're a lot lot more flavours of Thai snacks you can't imagine and all you need to do is check them out in our store only at Thai Snack Online where every package will be provided with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep as if you come and pick them up piece by piece by yourself ... such convenient!

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Now, what says Dave and Jang Min:

  • Sugus Jumbo (assorted) - There are tons of flavours. It's good like starbursts! hahaha .. but the taste isn't too strong but the smell is pretty good. Pineapple taste better. Strawberry's good too even though it doesn't really taste like strawberry (coz it's rasberry .. hahaha). What a safe chewing candy. [rated 6.5 out of 10]

  • Heartbeat (rakam) - A heart-shaped candy. Smells like after drinking Soju (alcohol). Tastes like minty gum mixed with ammonia! It's too strong [rated 3 out of 10]

  • Taro (smoky salmon) - Smells like the sea. If you don't like seafood, don't eat this. It's kinda addicted with strong flavour. [rated 8.5 out of 10]

  • Taro (barbecue & kimchi) - Best of Korean cuisine. Kinda spicy though it doesn't really taste anything like Kimchi. It tastes like Shin Ramyeon fish jerky.

  • Crispy Seaweed (japanese sauce) - It's seaweed but sweet like soy sauce. It makes your hands really sticky. Kinda hard to eat. [rated 6 out of 10]

  • Dried Banana with Honey - The package looks pretty neat. The taste is pretty good like banana bread and the inside is really thick. Tastes healthy and tasty. Very good for you. [rated 9.8 out of 10]

  • Sticky rice with Coconut Cream & Beans - You have to microwave it. It's a desert rice ball. It's delicious and it's really my style. [rated 9.5 out of 10]

  • Sticky rice with Coconut Cream & Taro - It's a Thai rice cake and it's AWESOME! Tastes like coconut. Really soft and taste like sweet rice water unlike Korean rice cake. You can see the rice. It's a bit thicker than Ddeok and more sweet because of the coconut. Like a sweet rice ball.

  • Dried Papaya - It doesn't really look appetizing. So salty. Way .. Wayyyyy.. Salty. Tastes like licorice.

Gondola - Banana Chips Honey Caramel

Gondola - Banana Chips Honey Caramel

Healthy and Tasty only for you

Quote of the day "You have to try to know coz I'm not trying to diss it" said Dave

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