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Know the Manufacturer Ep.7 | Mae Napa

Mae Napa is one of the innovative snack manufacturers who has perfectly transformed Traditional Thai snacks into a modern and ready-to-eat form with new design packaging. "Mae Napa" brand is one of the brand under the management of TR Thai Foods Co.,Ltd who has a long time reputation producing quality rice known as "Kai Jae" brand. With its vision to become the leading innovative snacks made from sticky rice and bananas, there's no doubt that Mae Napa has become one of the fast emerging snacks over the last 2 years since 2015 which is highly addicted both for locals and foreigners who seek tasty crisps for their love ones.

How delicious is Mae Napa? Ask them yourself

Taro sticks, Sweet potato and Banana chips are definitely "must try" snacks (more than 70% of total company revenue) made from original recipe of Mae Napa as a mother to her kids when they were young. Every ingredients are carefully selected to maximize its nutrition but unstoppable once being eaten. Definitely no MSG and no preservative added.

Mae Napa - Taro Sticks

Mae Napa - Taro Sticks


TR Thai Foods Co.,Ltd is located in Chonburi province in the eastern region of Thailand around 100 km away from Bangkok which is the manufacturing hub of many consumer goods and very convenient to supply right to the center of logistics hub. The company has rapidly grown twice its size with current revenue more than $2 million per year and production capacity more than 100,000 packs per day.

Khun Teerin, managing director of TR Thai Foods Co., Ltd

"I don't focus much on competitors. I focus on improving product quality and create Thai product value that can be accepted worldwide which is a winning solution for all." said Khun Teerin, managing director of TR Thai Foods Co., Ltd

Mae Napa GMP, HACCP and Halal

Rest assure with international manufacturing standards including GMP, HACCP and Halal along with exclusively free worldwide shipping only at Thai Snack Online has clearly left no reason not to give it a try for this classical-modern snacks from Thailand.

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