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Thai Chip Taste Test | BuzzFeed

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

BuzzFeed is back! and they're more with Thai Chips! Try various limited flavours from Lay's only in Thailand along with BuzzFeed crew. Check them out by yourself in our online store as we provide free worldwide shipping service right to your doorstep only at Thai Snack Online :)

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Let's see what BuzzFeed said about Thai Chips:

  • Lay's (seaweed) - I don't hate it but I love it! It taste really good. The flavour is so delicate.

  • Lay's (salmon cheese) - I'm not sure what to feel or what to think. Just like a potato egg benedict and lunchable made salmon.

  • Lay's (hot chilli squid) - Smells like broccoli but it taste great and I could eat a bunch of these.

  • Lay's (miang kham) - Lime, peppers, cheese [ThaiSnackOnline said: nope, it's fresh garlic, my friend]. The flavour of lime will kick you in the face first then takes turn with the chips follows with a little shrimp yet to finish with the cheese that comes up. It's a mystery flavour.

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

It's the battle of four against one (you!)

Quote of the day "It's like me in an arena and it's a battle between me and the four flavours." said BuzzFeed crew

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