MYSTERY THAI SNACK TEST! What is in the box???? | Kiptupp

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Welcome to the mystery Thai Snack test! Why? Because the only thing he know on the label is "Snacks" ... but what are they? Find out more with Kiptupp as he discovers what's in the box. Remember, if you're finding various Thai Snacks to taste and serve right to your doorstep, check them out in our shop as we offer free worldwide shipping for you to sit back and enjoy your box!

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Here're the answers from Kiptupp:

  • Dipping Candy (strawberry) - It taste like strawberry powder which works for me. Very sweet. (score 8.5 / 10)

  • Candy (strawberry) - It's a bit fizzy like tasting a soda from a liquid to solid (score 7 / 10)

  • Coated Green Peas (wasabi) - Starts with a hit of wasabi taste then it's coming down. If you like wasabi then you'll definitely like this. (score 5 / 10)

  • Pretz (larb) - It's not really strong chilli. Not burning my tongue. Can't really describe the flavour so you gotta try it yourself. (score 6 / 10)

  • Sunflower Kernel (corn cheese) - It does taste a little bit like peanuts straight away. (score 5 / 10)

  • Coconut Crispy Roll - I can taste coconut and it's good taste (score 6 / 10)

Pretz - Biscuit Stick Larb

Pretz - Biscuit Stick Larb

It's the taste I can't describe

Quote of the day "You just try it yourself" said Kiptupp

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