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Know the Manufacturer Ep.6 | Bento

Bento is one of the most popular seafood snacks in Asia made specially for people who enjoy the secret recipe of its unique spicy taste and munchy texture. Each year, 300 million pieces of Bento are produced and distributed to snackers across the region.

Know the Manufacturer Ep.6 | Bento Squid Snack

Bento is one of the many delicious snack brands owned by Tang Kim Heng Group with its company vision to uncompromising quality and aim for friendly prices. Tang Kim Heng Group was established as one of the leading snack manufacturers in Thailand over the past 30 years since 1980 with current seven subsidiaries to distribute premium quality snack products nationwide.

New Bento Snacks

Siam Daily Food Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of this popular seafood snacks. It's located in Samutsakhon province in the Central region of Thailand and next to the west side of Bangkok around 100 km which is very convenient to supply right to the center of logistics hub in the heart of the city.

Bento - Squid Sweet & Spicy

Bento - Squid Sweet & Spicy

Original crunchy squiddy snack

Rest assure with international manufacturing standards including GMP, HACCP and Halal have brought us confidence to present these fine products to you at Thai Snack Online with exclusive free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep and money back guarantee delivery allowing you to sit back and happily enjoy your snacks :)

GMP, HACCP and Halal

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