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Thai Spicy Noodle Challenge! | CalWebby

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hello guys and girls. Today we're back with Ploy and Dad on Skype live from Thailand :) And it's the spicy noodle challenge with 6 levels of the hottest noodles the world has ever known. As said "Mai Ped Mai Aroi" means "It's tastier with spice!". Dare to accept the challenge yourself? Go check out the subscriptions and feel the heat!

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Here's some spicy moment from Callan, Dad & Ploy:

  • Rice Vermicelli (clear soup) - It's got a really nice peppery taste and I like that. The noodle is quite thin which makes it more special. (spicy | 0 )

  • Egg Noodle (spicy cheese) - It still very weird but the texture is bigger which allows you to feel the taste. Definitely better with egg noodle. (spicy | 1 | *)

  • Egg Noodle (moo nam tok) - It's really nice especially the soup stock. For some reason, it does taste like beef and it's getting hotter now. (spicy | 2 | **)

  • Rice Vermicelli (tom yum) - I would score them a seven out of ten (spicy | 3 | ***)

  • Egg Noodle (seafood pad kee mao) - Comes with a real crab stick in it. If you like seafood then you'll like this. I agree with that. (spicy | 4 | ****)

  • Egg Noodle (extreme spicy) - Look a the size of the shrimp (oooh!). And it's the best one! (spicy | 5 | *****)

Euro - Puff Cake Custard Cream

Super Spicy Challenge Box

It's getting hotter now

Quote of the day "How it has so much seafood in it!" said Callan

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