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Try Thai Snack Online for the first time P.1 | Munch Monday

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Mia and Halle have recently received a package from Thai Snack Online. Today we're going to have a look at Thai candies and Euro cakes (various flavours). Yum! Definitely, they're all available in our store waiting for you to try with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep and guarantee success delivery to your hands. Time to Yum!

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Here's some nice sharing from Mia and Halle:

  • Jolly Bear - Looks like gummy bears. Could really taste the fruits in it. Yum! (score: 5/5)

  • Dynamite (chocolate filled mint candy) - Comes with individual pack. The candy is filled with chocolate like Nutella inside and coated with mint flavour on the outside. Taste exactly like chocolate biscuits filled with mint inside but in a reverse order. (score: 5/5)

  • Euro Cake (strawberry) - Looks like a doughnut (& muffin). Taste like a cupcake I've tried before with a biscuit kind of strawberry flavour. (score: 4/5)

  • Euro Cake (chocolate) - Filled with a stripe chocolate inside kind like marble. The taste is mixed between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The cake is quite spongy so it's very very delicious. (score: 5/5)

  • Euro Cake (pandan) - Pandan is some sort of the tropical plant shrub. Smell like corn chips. Taste like coconut (though not really much) but still delicious. (score: 3/5)

  • Euro Cake (custard) - Smells like banana. The taste is really satisfy with the custard makes it really good. so good. (score: 5/5)

Euro - Puff Cake Custard Cream

Euro - Puff Cake Custard Cream

It's really satisfy!

Quote of the day "I love custard buns!" said Mia

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