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Know the Manufacturer Ep.5 | Mama

"Mama" is the leading instant noodle brand in Thailand under the management of Thai President Foods Public Company Limited with over 55% of domestic market shares and distribution network in every regions around the world. To achieve its vision as a world leading food producer and brand name that are well-accepted and recognized by consumers of all household for our safe and international standard products under creative and innovative management with responsibilities to social and environment for the long-term sustainability. And this is what we're going to talk about today.

Kai Yang snacks

Thai President Foods Public Company Limited was established on February 15, 1972 as the manufacturer and distributor of instant noodle products under the "MAMA" brand with an intention to produce foods to maximize consumers' satisfaction and pay attention to the rights of all stakeholders. The company’s first head offices were located on New Petchburi Road, while the first factory was inaugurated at Nong Khaem District, Bangkok.

Mama good taste together with good health

Moreover, the company has also invested in businesses who supply materials for the company's production, which will allow the company to effectively control the price and quality of those products. Its joint investment with foreign companies is aimed toward the transfer of new knowledge and technologies to improve the efficiency in production process.

For the sales side, the company has also invested in companies handling marketing and distribution activities in order to add new marketing channels for the sales and ensure that the company's products would reach all groups of consumers.

Mama Cup - Shrimp Tom Yum

Mama Cup - Shrimp Tom Yum

It's not only favorite taste. It's legend!

Instant noodle Products Manufacturing and distributing instant noodle under 'MAMA' trademark, which has been well-known and accepted among consumers for more than 40 years with over 50% of market shares. The company has also produced instant noodle for leading firms in Europe, the United States and Australia with the estimated daily capacity of six million packages.

Mama factories in Thailand, Cambodia, Hungary and Bangladesh

Guaranteed with certified standards including GMP, HACCP, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO/IEC-17025, KOSHER, HALAL, BRC, AEOs, CSR-DIW, WCA and SMETA for 6 manufacturing units across the globe including Thailand, Cambodia, Hungary and Bangladesh. Beyond our quality is your happiness :)

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