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Japanese Try Thai Snacks Part 2 | TabiEats

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Welcome to part 2 and this is TabiEats. Watch the joyful buddy from Japan travelling and discovering new foods. We'll try the rest of snacks from Thailand from last part including more biscuits, nuts, fruits and the famous Thai milk tea. Find out more Thai snacks in our store as we deliver with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. hmmm ... enjoy!

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Here's some nice reviews from TabiEats:

  • Pretz (pad-cha seafood) | get snack - The stick is very thin and I guess it's very good for beer. It's really delicious. hmm .. hmmm ... hmmmmmmm

  • Pretz (larb) | get snack - It's the flavour of Thai salad and really taste like it

  • Pretz (spicy shrimp) | get snack - The thin stick is going very well with beer as there's less bread and more seasoning. A little sour, savory, a bit spicy and a little sweet like traditional Thai food.

  • Peanuts (nori wasabi) | get snack - Very intense wasabi flavour. Very strong.

  • Taro (barbecue) | get snack - It's very good with beer too. Made from fish with barbecue flavour.

  • Milk tablet (chocolate) - Taste like hot chocolate. We like these tablet candies in pharmaceutical looking bags. [ThaiSnackOnline: Those numbers are food manufacturing license in Thailand which means there're qualified producers :)]

  • Dehydrated Mango | get snack - Comes with a big piece. It's as good as fresh mangoes. Not dried at all and still retain the juice in it.

  • Blended Mango - It looks and smells different from regular mangoes. The lighter color tastes like mango. The dark ones taste like sweet potatoes. Very interesting texture and tastes unlike normal dehydrated mangoes.

  • Dehydrated Cantaloupe - This is exactly like cantaloupe with a nice texture. Juicy and sour.

  • Banana Chips (homthong) | get snack - One of the famous banana types in Thailand. Natural flavour with no seasoning added. hmmm ... hmmmmm .... tastes very good

  • Thai Milk Tea | get snack - Simply added hot water and ice then mixed them together. It's actually sweet and tastes very good like a signature Thai tea.

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

Pretz - Bread Stick Pad Char Seafood

This is amazing .. It's mine!

Quote of the day "This is the best one of all we have eaten so far!" said TabiEats

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