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Japanese Try Thai Snacks Part 1 | TabiEats

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Watch the joyful buddy from Japan travelling and discovering new foods. In this video, they'll be tring snacks from Thailand and this is part one. Enjoy taste test with chips, biscuits, fruits down including interesting seafood snacks. Find out more about various Thai snacks in our store with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. Have a happy snacking!

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Here's some nice reviews from TabiEats:

  • Lay's (miang kam) | get snack - Smells like potato chips with very well and sweet taste

  • Taro (seaweed) - It tastes like fish or squid with rarely taste of nori seaweed [ThaiSnackOnline said: Taro is a brand my friend, it's made from fish. You're correct :)]

  • Biscuit Sticks (chicken spicy) | get snack - Looks like spicy snack and it's sweet. Should be going very well with beer!

  • Milk tablet | get snack - A tablet candy! Though the package do remind us of medicine. Quite tasty and milky. Really delicious even though the packaging doesn't look appealing. [ThaiSnackOnline said: Yep, it's candy. Children love it a lot]

  • Pretz (pizza) | get snack - Pretz is meant for sharing and its very pizza. very very pizza! I can even taste the pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce. Exactly like real pizza.

  • Pretz (tom yum kung) | get snack - Looks spicy and taste like lemon grass. It's really good though the taste is not intense.

  • Pretz (spicy bbq) | get snack - It's half of the thickness of normal Pretz to gain more flavour. It does taste like BBQ sauce.

  • Dehydrated Longan | get snack - Looks very juicy with actual color as brown. hmmmm ...

  • Peanuts (coconut) | get snack - Looks like coated nuts and suitable for vegetarians. The coconut cream has made a very mild taste. Very creamy and very good for beer too :)

  • Dehydrated Strawberry - Looks really like fresh strawberry as well as its smell. Very soft and full of moisture as well as sweet of sugar (20% of all ingredients). Juicy.

  • Dehydrated Tomato - Taste really tomato. Also has sugar (25% of all ingredients).

  • Bento (thai herb & spice) | get snack - It looks spicy from the fire on the package and the smell is very intense. Its taste very very good with chilli pepper with very very spicy after taste.

  • Bento (sweet & spicy) | get snack - It's really really spicy!

  • Bento (hot & spicy) | get snack - Taste sweet and very seafood

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

It's my favorite Thai dish

Quote of the day "It's so unique and delicious. We can never eat it elsewhere." said TabiEats

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