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Ultimate Thai Snacks Taste Test feat. Bie The Ska | twoplustwo

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

It's time for Thai snacks review with twoplustwo and Thai superstar guest & great entertainer "Bie the Ska". Bie was very kind and he brought a lot of snacks to be shared. Well, you may find most of the snacks at Thai Snack Online except (hehe .. you'll know it at the end of the video). Every order definitely includes free worldwide shipping and 100% money back guarantee for any unsuccessful delivery (oh .. that's fantastic). Keep spice, Keep snacking!

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Here's the review from BapMokja, Haeppy and Bie:

  • Shrimp Chips - Served with Thai chilli paste in a pack. It's surprisingly delicious! It's not spicy and smells very good. Yummy (means "Aroi" in Thai).

  • Crispy Fish Skin - Definitely made from real fish. Usually eat with Thai noodles. Very salty (so called "Khem" in Thai).

  • Sticky Rice Cracker - A traditional That snack with a lightly sweet taste (so called "Wan" in Thai). Aroi!

  • Look Chup - Purely made from beans into different form of Thai fruits coated with jelly. Only for bean lovers.

  • Sweetened Tamarind - The taste is very strong but do not eat the seed inside!

  • Fried Banana - Somehow it looks like bacon. But it's very Aroi! I can eat this all day.

  • Mini Curry Crisp - So called "Pan Sib" in Thai. Made from various herbs included pork and chilli paste inside but smells very good. Definitely Aroi.

  • Preserved Rice - Smells like alcohol as well as its taste [ThaiSnackOnline said: the way it's made is quite similar as the way of making real alcohol]

  • Cranberry - It's not cherry and it's very Aroi but watch out .. do not eat the seed inside.

  • Fried Bamboo Caterpillar - Smells like a fish. It's not bad but not another one .. hehe

Manora - Shrimp Chips

Manora - Shrimp Chips

Yummy (means "Aroi" in Thai)

Quote of the day "The one at a start was the best" said BapMokja

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